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St. Louis, MO: Treasurer''s Office


Permit Parking Missing Address Form

****This form is to update our database with missing addresses. These addresses are added and updated so that citizens can register for Permit parking in certain areas of the St. Louis city.

If you attempted to register and the system could not find your street address one of two things are happpening.

Your address is part of the registration area but is not in the system.

Your address is not part of the Registration neighborhood as defined by the Block and Street numbers supplied by the participating organization.

If you believe your address is in the permitted zone please submit the Street address with the unit if applicable. We will review the submission and add it to our system if it is in fact in the required zone. You will be notified either way letting you know if you are elligible to register or not. Once you receive confirmation you are free to register for the permit in your neighborhood.****

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Full Address With Unit Number if Applicable

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